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Serving the Orlando Area and Beyond

Pool Cage Painting

Rehab your existing Pool Cage or Enclosure

We are the best pool cage painting, enclosure restoration, repair, and re-screening company in Central Florida, Lakeland, Orlando, Winter Haven & Kissimmee.

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What We Do

Pool Cage Painting & Enclosure Restoration

Pool Screens R Us has been serving the Central Florida community since 2016. We have perfected our prepping procedure and execution of our pool cage painting services, making us the ultimate pool cage painting & enclosure restoration specialists in the Central Florida, Winter Haven, Lakeland, Orlando, and Tampa area and all towns in-between.

So, when you spot signs of damage, don’t wait until it’s too late. Instead, call Pool Screens R Us for professional pool screen enclosure painting and fasteners replacement services that will keep your enclosure in excellent condition all year round!

Addressing signs of paint and fastener damage on your pool cage is essential to maintaining its structural integrity and durability over time.

That’s why Pool Screens R Us proudly provides professional fastener replacement services and pool screen cage enclosure painting in Florida. Some of our service areas include Lakeland, Winter Haven, Auburndale, Orlando, Tampa, Davenport, and Kissimmee.

At Pool Screens R Us, we believe your pool cage is an investment worth maintaining. In addition to providing a more private swimming and lounging experience, your enclosure prevents debris, insects, and animals from entering your pool; keeps your pets from exiting the area; filters direct sunlight, and makes cleaning your pool and patio substantially easier.

However, as with many outdoor structures, your pool enclosure may require a bit of maintenance from time to time. If a re-screening is needed, there are many different types of pool screens to choose from – Read More.

This is especially true of outdoor structures that experience constant exposure to the high humidity, heavy downpours, strong winds, and intense sunlight of Florida’s tropical climate. Therefore, you must inspect your pool cage for damage on a regular basis; more specifically, chipped paint and rusted fasteners are some of the most important issues to note.

This is because chipped paint and rusted fasteners can kickstart declining structural integrity. Chipped paint will progressively expose more and more underlying materials, which often results in rusted metals and weakened weight-bearing areas. The same damages come with fasteners that need to be replaced.

Our Process

Pool Cage Restoration Process

Before buying a new enclosure, consider rehabbing your existing one.

Is your enclosure chalky or missing paint? The experts at Pool Screens R Us have the solution. 

Prepping the pool cage is the first and most important part of the process. Before we start painting your pool cage or screened lanai, Pool Screens R Us specialists take the time to prep first because we want to ensure lasting color and weather resistance. Pool Screens R Us will guarantee our work and paint. Once we’re done, your enclosure will look new for thousands less. Here are the steps we take to ensure proper painting of your pool cage screen enclosure:

Worried about how much painting your pool cage will cost? We offer competitive rates and will beat any quote you present to us!

Pool Screen Repair and Restoration Pool Screens R Us

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Save thousands of dollars by rejuvenating your enclosure or your screened patio rather than a new install. Contact us today for a contactless or in-person free estimate. Call 863-547-4210

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We are the best pool cage enclosure repair and re-screening company in Central Florida, Lakeland, Orlando, Winter Haven & Kissimmee and surrounding areas.

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