Save Thousands Of Dollars By Simply Rescreening Painting & Installing New Hardware On Your Pool Cage Enclosure

Save Thousands Of Dollars By Simply Rescreening Painting & Installing New Hardware On Your Pool Cage Enclosure

Updated: August 28, 2022

pet pool safety tips could save your pets life

Pet pool safety tips – Pools are great to have in any home, but they pose a risk at the same time. When you have a pool in your home you must worry about your pets and the fact they could be at risk because of it. Luckily, there are many ways to make your pool safer for your pets.

Pet Pool Safety Tips Fence Around the Pool

Pet pool safety, the pool is the perfect place to spend your summer. There’s the Sun, the small drinks, little umbrellas and, of course, the water.

The pool, however, can be a dangerous place for our pets. Let’S review some helpful tips to keep your pet’s summer fun and safe.

  1. Never leave pets unsupervised around water. Remember not all pets are good swimmers. Don’T assume that your dog or your cat knows how to swim if he or she has never been in the water before but is showing an interest in swimming then introduced them to the water very slowly. Never throw your pet into the pool under the assumption that he or she will know how to swim to safety.
  2. Invest in a pet lifejacket life vests and life jackets are perfect for pets that may never be great swimmers. They provide extra buoyancy and a dash of bright color, which help keep your pet afloat and keep them highly visible. Just don’t rely on the best so much that you end up, leaving them unattended.
  3. Be sure to rinse off your pet after swimming. This will remove any chlorine or salt or bacteria. You also want to make sure you remove any wet collars to prevent hot spots.
  4. Pet ears should be carefully cleaned and dried with soft cotton balls after they swim.
  5. As many of us know, it can get extremely hot poolside. Excessive heat can cause heatstroke or hypothermia, which can be fatal. Pet owners need to keep their eyes open for the symptoms of heatstroke and provide plenty of cool shaded areas for their pets to retreat to.
  6. Learn pet CPR. Being able to administer artificial respiration and CPR can be vital in the event that your pet should accidentally drown in your pool. Some animal organizations and shelters even offer classes on how to learn the proper technique.
  7. Fence in your pool, a pool, fence, or enclosure is a great option for someone that may not be able to supervise their pet who spend some, if not all, of their time in the backyard.

We hope these tips help provide you and your pet with, a fun and safe summer. Remember if you have any questions, feel free to contact your veterinarian thank you so much for watching

One major risk to an animal is when they’re near the pool without you watching them. If a pet were to fall or enter a pool without your knowledge, any number of bad things might happen. A pool fence is a right tool to prevent any accidents. By installing a fence around the pool, you limit your pets’ access to it when you’re not around.

Gutter Guard For Pet Pool safety

Gutter Guards
Pet Pool Safety

A gutter is a dangerous part of the pool for both pets and people. An open gutter is a fall hazard and can even trap some pets. A good way to help prevent any incidents is to install a pool cage that will cover the gutter. This cage will prevent pets from falling into the gutter and shield the gutter from debris. There are also pool cage gutter repair services that can keep your gutter cage in good order.

Animal Life Preservers

Animal life preservers are additional tools made by several companies that will help keep your pets safe in the water. By attaching the floating device to your pet, you can rest easy knowing your pet will have more protection while in water. Although, you still need to watch your pet near and in the pool to make sure everything is fine.

Special Pool Ramp

A pool ramp is a great addition to help animals leave the water since some pools can be very difficult for pets to leave. If your pet is having a hard time finding the exit, a pool ramp will help them get out safely.

Even with these ways to make your pool safer for your pets, you should never let your pet be near the pool without supervision. These methods and installations will make it safer for your pets.

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